TransformEX Course Promise

Value for Money

Value for any service or product is highly dependent on its availability at the right time. This program enrolled at the right stage of your startup has immense value with reference to its growth potential and the leverage you can take from this highly effective program.

Value for Time

The program is designed to provide practically applicable tools and techniques to get your startup organised for scale up and transform to a growing startup. The content is compact and is impactful designed to be completed in 12 sessions.


We fully understand that the early stage Startups are always battling budget challenges. This program is designed and priced to suit the startups and to bring the best value for your money.


The program is focused on on the ground implementation of concepts to see changes in the growth and implementation of your Startup. We do not believe in knowledge downloading, rather in helping you build the skill to bring a change in your startup.   

Program Details

Fundamental Videos
  • Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur ?

A great idea fueled with a passion to succeed will get you started on a strong footing. But unfortunately that's not enough, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking to grow and scale up your startup. 

Its an open secret that, Lack of right Mentoring & Capital is one of the most common reasons why startups fail. Right Mentoring at the apt time and Right amount of capital infusion separates a mediocre startup from the high growth startups like Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

While it is easy to find standard off the shelf "know-how theory" of what an entrepreneur must do and what he must not; it is equally hard to find specific wisdom for their unique journey to Transform their Startup. 

Transformex is a program designed to meet just this requirement for early stage startups. The Program has TWO Phases of 3 months each. 

Transformex - Phase 1

Duration : 3 months with 1 interactive session / week

The  Sessions will be covering all aspects of a Startup Success

The Sessions would be interactive activity sessions with several assignments.

Focus is on applying the techniques and idea discussed during the session to, Transform your Startup. 

Complete review and restructuring of your Startup Business Model

-Program fees does not depend on the number of Co-founders attending, Its for the Startup Company. So all the Co-founders can attend the sessions.

The Program will prepare you to get your Pitch-Deck ready to Pitch to an Investor

Transformex - Phase 2

We will facilitate in preparing your pitch presentations.

We will provide you 3 pitch presentation opportunities to mock investors 

Then we will start connecting you to our Investor Network.

We would help you tweek your pitch based on feedback from Investors.

Funding mode and type of funds may vary. The channel could be through Government Schemes, Private Investors or Financial Institutions. 

The type Investment may be Equity, Debt, combination of Debt+Equity or Subsidies/Grants. 

Who Can Apply

Any Early Stage Startup from anywhere with,

An Annual Revenue between 0 to 5 Crore

A registered Proprietorship, Partnership or a Private Limited Company

Age of your Startup between 0 to 5 Years

Do apply and provide all the information below. Our experts will let you know if you are selected to undergo this Transformational Journey. Once your Startup is selected you will receive a complete Proposal and Draft Agreement to engage with us for the Transformation. 

So What are you waiting for ? Come take the First step...!

The Value Proposition

Here is what you will gain from our Program

Enroll for the program and get oriented to bring a change in your Startup

Re-orient the functions of your Startup and bring visibility of the startup in its completeness

Decide and implement the key factors to change and transform your Startup 

Enroll Now

Here’s what you will get with this course

  • Access to 16 pre-recorded sessions of beginner's orientation training
  • 12 Sessions of LIVE, One-to-One mentoring with your Co-founding Team
  • 3 Years of Free Access to above Live Sessions for cross reference.
  • Design of a detailed and action oriented plan of transformation
  • Understand the intricacies of Scaleup Process
  • Learn about leading your Startup to be the next big Startup.

Prakash Mugali

Serial Entrepreneur | Startup Coach | Pro-MMA Athlete | TEDx Speaker

An entrepreneur is someone who see's, shows and walks a new way. Its a journey to the unknown, yet to a destination which is so living in his mind. Prakash Mugali had the opportunity to live this journey time and again with more than 7 startups which he co-founded. Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. remains his first and the most accomplished startup with 8 Patents, Journal Papers, Strategic partnerships and a commendable Brand presence in the world. He has won 7 highly prestigious National Awards. His passion is to help Startups find their right direction.

Begin your journey of Transformation today !

Investment for Phase 1 : Rs. 36,000 / startup

Discuss about Phase 2 after your Phase 1 Completion

Download your Free copy of Pitch Deck Template and MORE Free resources !!!

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