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Meet your Instructor

In this section, start typing the Instructor’s Intro for the benefit of your students. You can elaborate on the level of experience he holds. Where he obtained his credentials from. This shall also help if the user gets a first-hand experience of what this course holds for the learners at beginners’, intermediate or advanced levels.

And in what manner the Instructor has distributed the curriculum and adapted the teaching methodology to meet their needs. Do elaborate on the fact that how the Instructor is committed to going one step further to support the enrolled students in the course. Once this is done feel free to change the font. 

What you’ll learn?

Hi! Here in this section, you can point out to your students all the benefits they will gain from the course as well as the high value they will be deriving once they enroll. If this is applicable, feel free to dwell on the Instructor’s credentials and how this would be their choicest chance to learn from an expert.

In this paragraph, feel free to touch on the significance and the desperate need of learning the science of leadership in the modern competitive world. Tell your students how this academy is different from others in the marketplace and how you will provide them with the best value for their money.

Make your audience believe that with their acquired sense of the science of leadership and an eye for all the nitty-gritties they will develop over the course of the academy, they would be able to thrive on the skills & knowledge in the modern competitive world.

It would be still very appropriate if you can break down in points the benefits of the course. Say, e.g.

  1. Discuss a feature and its benefit here
  2. Discuss a feature, benefit & why the students need it
  3. Tell the students how will they benefit from this feature

Who can join Breakthrough?

If you plan to segregate your course as per learning level or age groups. Here is the section where you inform your students about the same. You can let them know that even the beginners with no prior leadership experience can enroll too! Also tell them how this is extremely beneficial for those who have some previous leadership knowledge would learn an interesting new perspective and upskill themselves

Write to us for your pre-joining queries at
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What was the Inspiration behind Breakthrough?

In this section, you may tell your site-visitors and students what inspired you to start this Academy. You might want to highlight to students that your Academy is passionate about sharing the science of leadership with highly dedicated and trained Instructors on its side.

In case your Academy has on rolls some eminent Instructors, you might hint at their accomplishments. Including the fact that your academy supplies leadership webinars to respectable clients like MNC ABC or XYZ University, etc. You may again want to impress your Instructor’s credentials upon the learners. Ensure that you are making enough impression on your students to enroll in your course.

Social Media Proofs: E Testimonials

In this section, if it applies and acceptable to you consider sharing with your students what the online reviews have to say about your course. In case you want to place video testimonials of your clients that can inspire the prospective students. Do use those with express permission from the client or request one from them. Video Testimonials can make the business sound more authentic.


(Share with your audiences the images of Workshops, Leadership Sessions, Webinars, etc. It makes more sense to caption the images if you have associated information available.)

Highly specialized training professionals

The world class certifications of our team ensure the highest standards of training:

Inspiring facilitators

Executive Coaching

Gold-standard certifications

Class leading training sessions

What your clients and students have to say about the course?

(Testimonial Corner)

More the authentic and good things people have said about your course you must share with your audience. Few examples have
been shared as follows:

Jon Robert

Consultant, India

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Maria Michael

Event Manager, Paris

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William Schpelt

Govt Employee, Pune

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